Green Flash Brewing a score for South Dakota

We’re going with a game-time theme in today’s blog. It’ll be like breaking in a new pair of cleats: both a thing of beauty and punishing at the same time.

Green Flash Brewing Company, hailing from sunny San Diego, CA (Est. 2002), has hit the South Dakota market, and thankfully so. They are known as pioneers in the craft beer industry. Recognized for pushing the envelope with their big, bold, unique styles, Green Flash beers have won numerous awards.

These beers are very visually appealing and flavorful, but also wallop a punch with their high ABVs. I may need a stretcher afterward or at least fake an injury to my liver, take a roll on the pitch, and be cured with a rejuvenating aerosol spray.

Our starting lineup: West Coast IPA, Imperial IPA, and Green Bullet IPA.

West Coast IPA will wow the crowds. Coming in at 7.3% ABV and the MVP of the team, West Cost IPA will always be an all-star. It starts out with a severe kick of hops, which should be expected, with a vibrant combination of citrus, grapefruit, and pine. The medium orange-amber color is inviting. Expect a slightly dry finish. This is a multi-dimensional player in the field of IPAs. This first beer is a thing of beauty; a cross-goal header into the corner.

Coming in at 9.4% ABV and a solid mid-fielder, Imperial IPA will have a long career.  Imperial IPA pours a cloudy yellow/orange. Aromas are of pine and alcohol. It’s crisp and refreshing, not too heavy and not too light. A solid IPA to have on your team.

The final beer is like a broken play, or a trickling left-footed shot past the goalie. Green Bullet IPA, at 10.1% ABV, lacks a few skills. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a good IPA, but is short on some qualities. The hop aroma is fair, it’s decent tasting, and it packs a kick. Honey apricot in color, this sweeter tasting IPA just doesn’t do it for me — too boozy.

Keep an eye out for Green Flash Palette Wrecker IPA to make a call-up in January. It’s a killer beer!

Not only can you find these wonderful IPAs on draft at select bars, they’re also in four packs and 22-ounce bombers in area bottle shops. Be sure to imbibe on Green Flash’s full all-star lineup, which includes (at this time) Barleywine Ale, Le Freak Belgian/Imperial IPA Ale, Hop Head Red India Pale Ale, and Double Stout Black Ale. They truly have a winning team. All are well crafted!


- Kosta Theodosopoulos