Thunderhead Brewing and an homage to harvest

The harvest moon was last week, and I felt it fitting to tip my hat to the hard-working American farmers who, prior to having lights on tractors, would take advantage of this moon’s brilliant illumination to harvest crops.

The harvested grains were and are still producing some of the tastiest brews available today. We are going to venture to Thunderhead Brewing Company in Kearney, NE (Established in 1999) to confirm this rich tradition.

THBC sources locally grown material for their delicious brews. Continually supporting the “buy local, eat local, DRINK local” philosophy, I can concur!

So let’s begin… first off is Cropduster Mid-American IPA. At first pour and glance, this delicious IPA is pale yellow to subtle orange in color. It does lack the pungent IPA aroma that I am fond of. It does exhibit a great flavor of yellow grapefruit, both fruity and tartly citrus. All around, it’s a good IPA to sink your teeth into. Juicy flavors lend to a bold IPA. Thumbs up!

On to THBC Cornstalker Dark Wheat. This beer is a dark ruby brown with a sweet dark chocolate and very mild roasted malt edge. Along with being creamy, salty, and smoky, this beer is as true to style as a dark wheat brew can be. Very well balanced, it’s a must try.

Last, but not least, is THBC Golden Frau Honey Wheat. I’m not a huge fan of wheat beers in general, but it felt appropriate to round down this review with a true American wheat beer. Golden Frau is a wholesomely drinkable wheat beer brewed with Nebraska Sands Hill Honey. Very translucent in appearance, highly carbonated, and easily consumed. If you’re tired of the “Shandy Beers”, and one can only hope so, give Golden Frau a try as your next “lawn mowing” beer. Quite refreshing.

Overall, I do love their can offerings! All breweries should take note on how to minimize the amount of outside elements (light, oxygen, etc.) that can destroy what we imbibe. Only in cans currently, Thunderhead Brewing Company beers will be available on draft in Sioux Falls in the very near future, including all of the above along with their Leather Head Red Ale.

Zum Wohl!